Visible home security a strong sales point

In a property market where suburban homes must increasingly compete with properties in secure complexes and gated residential estates, good – and visible – home security measures are a key part of attracting prospective buyers and keeping them interested.


“Improved home security and personal safety is one of the main motivations for a home purchase, and property sellers can definitely expect resistance, especially among repeat buyers, to a home that doesn’t seem secure,” says Berry Everitt, MD of the Chas Everitt International property group.

Writing in the Property Signposts newsletter, he notes: “It is really no use assuring prospective buyers that an area is relatively crime-free, or telling them that you have found your dogs to be sufficient protection, when what they actually want to see are security gates, burglar guards, an alarm system and perimeter lights – your home security needs to be tangible”.

“They will simply calculate what all this will cost to install their desired home security – and probably add a few extras while they’re about it – then deduct the total from the price they are prepared to offer for your home.”

Even worse, Everitt says, if they need to relocate soon, they are more than likely to buy the property down the road which does have visible home security, even if it costs more than yours and they actually like it less.

“On the other hand, a home that is obviously well-secured will give prospective buyers a feeling of comfort, and they may even be prepared to pay a premium for it.”

Meanwhile, he says, if you do happen to live in a relatively safe and crime-free area, you should make sure that your estate agent really knows how to make the most of this when it comes to selling your home.

“A qualified, experienced agent will be able to provide prospective buyers with information about successful anti-crime measures in the neighbourhood and comparative crime figures – and will, of course, be certain to point out the security features of your property.”

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