Light not Fires Project

light not fireIn reaching out to the community in Zwelihle, St Peter’s Anglican Church has embarked on a project called Light not Fires.

The idea is to provide as many Consul Solar Jars to residents in the local township to supply them with an economical and safe way of getting light into their homes.

Using candles to enable someone to read or see where they are going, is a real fire risk.

With the help of Solar Life, Leanne Dryburgh and Peter Hassall (the co-inventor of the Consul Solar Jar), these jars are offered at a competitive price to St Peter’s provided each jar goes into a home in Zwelihle.

On Friday 18 July, the first of these jars was presented to Nozolile Mqolombeni who has lived in Zwelihle since 1989.

At the beginning of this month, her house was plunged into darkness when the cable supplying electricity in her home was burnt out.

consol solar jarThe Solar Jars are easy to use, and by placing the bottle in direct sunlight, the power is recharged and could last up to seven or eight hours.

Although Light not Fires is a St Peter’s initiative, the general public is welcome to contribute R140 for each jar, which will be placed into one of the homes in the local township.

For further information contact the parish secretary, Grazia Beukes on weekdays between 08:30 and 12:00 on 028 312 1325 or pop into Solar Life at 6 Royal Street between 09:00 and 16:00 weekdays.

Source: Hermanus Times

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