Kleinmond Gets Astro-Turf Soccer Field

astro turfAn old soccer field in Kleinmond, that was originally built on a dump site, has made way for a brand new astro-turf field. Development of this astro-turf field started in March this year and will be completed by the end of August.

The facility will be managed by the Overstrand Municipality.

According to Dennis Hendriks, senior manager: engineering services at the Overstrand Municipality, the funding for this facility comes from the MIF (Municipal Infrastructure Funding) and is estimated at roughly R11million. Costs include the building of the astro-turf, fencing, clubhouse with bathrooms, the upgrading of the access road as well as seating.

“This field came about because the previous grass field caused a lot of problems in terms of the drainage system that didn’t work properly as well as the fencing that was in a very poor condition. So whenever it rained, the storm water couldn’t drain,” says Hendriks.

The Kleinmond Soccer Federation will be the main beneficiary of the new astro-turf, which will be under the management of the municipality and only be used for soccer matches.

“The big benefit of this new field is that you save on the water usage, it’s much cheaper to maintain and you don’t need to wait between games for the grass to recover,” says Hendriks.

Willie August, chairman of the Hangklip / Kleinmond Sport and Culture Organisation, is all in favour of the new astro-turf soccer field. His only concern is that it won’t be maintained properly. “Overall I’m very positive and glad about this new facility, as long as the municipality keeps their hands on it,” says August.

Adrian de Kock, vice-chairman of the Betty’s Bay Ratepayers Association, says although it cost a lot of money he thinks it is a good idea. “It is important to have facilities of such a high standard here in Kleinmond,” says De Kock.

The only other similar facility in the Overstrand is in Gansbaai.

~ Hermanus Times

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