Arabella Challenge

Photo Credit ~ Cherie Vale / Newsport MediaThe 4th Arabella Challenge Mountain Bike Race will be held from the 25th – 26th April 2015 at the Arabella Hotel & Spa, Kleinmond / Hermanus.

The success of previous challenges has shown that providing an event that caters for a range of fitness levels, in an environment which is challenging yet inspiring has created demand for participation from mountain bikers & runners.

The Mountain Bike event offers a 2 day stage event or a 1 day ride:

Day 1 – 25 April 2015: The challenge kicks off on Saturday, 25 April. One and two-day mountain bikers will start their 55km early in the morning.

Day 2 – 25 & 26 April 2015: The bikers who opted for the two-day race will ride another 48km.

Novices and experienced athletes are all welcome.

Riders will enter as individuals with the event giving social riders the opportunity to experience a stage event under fun and non-pressurized circumstances.

Two water points on the route will provide sustenance for the riders and a chance to rest for a few minutes before continuing on their way. The event will be timed (by Great Time) and will allow riders to come back in the future and try and better the time they achieved before.

For more information contact the hotel on 028 284 0000.


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