’21 Days for the Oceans’ Starts Today

21 days banner

Through hosting educational talks at various schools, White Shark Projects realised how little the school learners of the Overstrand community know about the ocean lapping at their doorsteps. And so, motivated by a sense of responsibility, White Shark Projects launched an educational initiative called “21 Days for the Ocean” running from 26 September to 16 October.

Through this campaign, White Shark Projects aspires to raise ocean awareness in the community, which relies indispensably upon marine tourism. They will show people which simple steps they can take to prevent further damage. Almost everybody knows about shark-finning, but not many people know about ocean acidification, which ultimately threatens all ocean-dwelling species and our planet as a whole.

“21 Days for the Ocean” coincides perfectly with the Whale Festival and the school holidays, offering young and old numerous opportunities to get involved and do their bit for the ocean. They jump-start this drive with a sustainable seafood fund-raising dinner, which will be held at La Pentola. All proceeds of this event will be donated to The South African Shark Conservancy (SASC).

Tickets for this special dinner are available from White Shark Projects and can be contacted on 0283123347.

The other ocean-themed events of “21 Days for the Ocean” include, educational talks at schools, a movie night, a shark camp, a photo exhibition, informative beach walks, coastal clean-ups and even a “selfie for the sea” competition. Visit www.whitesharkprojects.co.za

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